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The main part of the PLAY Skylights exhibition comprises a system of garret chambers – a set of attic gaming nests that make use of the magical potential of a loft setting with views of Malostranské náměstí.  Besides a focused view of the surroundings of St. Nicholas Cathedral, with a birds-eye view, these “nests” proffer creative equipment in the form of various audio, optical, and kinetic instruments. The central storeyed tower is the main observation point with and becomes a kind of muted belfry. An intimate room with a window on a courtyard becomes the Recording Studio of Dreamers, equipped with a small recording device that allows individuals and groups to “study” their own musical creations and, if they are interested, to take them away from the exhibition on CD, DVD, or another media as an audio or video recording of their creativity for future use.
The access to the loft gallery is not barrier-free. Thank you for your understanding.

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