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EXHIBITION RULES FOR VISITORS PLAY Skylights at Malostranská beseda

1. The PLAY Skylights exhibition

  1. Visitors are allowed to enter the PLAY Skylights exhibition upon presenting proof of paying the entrance fee. The cash desk issues a document for each visitor, which is valid as a ticket to the exhibition on the day it is printed.
  2. Information concerning admission to the exhibition is on display near the cash desk. Entrance fees are paid in cash in CZK or by using valid vouchers. Valid ID is required in order to claim a discount on admission (student ID for students up to 26 years of age, identification for the disabled or disabled persons accompanied by a guide, and an ID for pensioners up to 70 years of age).
  3. Visitors should take cognisance of the fact that their actions will be recorded by a camera system installed to protect the exhibition spaces and the exhibits.
  4. The premises of Malostranská beseda, where the PLAY Skylights exhibition is on display, are open to the public every day except Monday from 10 am to 6 pm, including state holidays. The organiser reserves the right to change the opening hours in justified cases. Differences and changes in the opening times will be displayed on the exhibition website at Visiting at times other than the specified visiting hours can be arranged on the basis of a prior request and agreement with the exhibition organiser.
  5. The sale of tickets commences at the same time as when the exhibition spaces open and it usually ends 30 minutes before the end of visiting hours. Visitors must leave the exhibition spaces by 6 pm, when the exhibition closes.
  6. For safety reasons, the number of visitors to the exhibition may be restricted at a given time. Organised groups may not exceed 30 people. Visitors are obliged to listen to the instructions of the exhibition organisers (cashier clerks, curators, and technicians).
  7. Among other things, the exhibition is being housed in Renaissance rooms with their original ceilings and roofs with low ceilings. It is necessary to take cognisance of this fact and not to forget about your personal safety.
  8. For safety reasons, the entrance to the tower loft gallery is allowed only when accompanied by curators.
  9. Children aged up to 15 years must be accompanied. The person accompanying them takes full responsibility for their behaviour. Children will not be admitted to the exhibition without a person accompanying them.
  10. Teachers accompanying pupils are responsible for them. In the event of serious disciplinary problems or a failure to listen to instructions from curators, a pupil can be immediately removed from the exhibition without being entitled to a refund on admission.
  11. Before entering the exhibition spaces, visitors are obliged to leave all items larger than 30 x 40 cm or longer than 40 cm in the cloakroom. For example, these include umbrellas, children’s prams, holdalls, bags, and all baggage carried on one’s back, including papooses or buggies for children. Overgarments, such as jackets or raincoats are also to be left in the cloakroom and it is not permitted to carry them over one’s arm in the exhibition spaces. In the event that a visitor does not want to leave an item of clothing in the cloakroom, it is permissible for him/her to view the exhibition while wearing their outer garment. Visitors coming to the halls with an item of clothing over their arm will be asked to put it in the cloakroom or to wear the said item.
  12. It is not permissible to leave children in prams in the cloakroom.
  13. Photographing exhibits in the exhibitions spaces is only permissible for one’s personal use and it must be done without the use of an external flash or tripod, unless stipulated otherwise in the given space. The author of a photograph is obliged upon its publication to ensure the observance of copyright terms and conditions and to publish the information that the photographed objects are part of the ORBIS PICTUS PLAY Project – PLAY Skylights exhibition at Malostranská beseda.
  14. Visitors give permission to use audiovisual materials of them (interaction with objects in the exhibition, viewing individual objects) for promotional purposes the ORBIS PICTUS PLAY Project.
  15. It is not permitted to eat, drink, or smoke in the exhibition spaces. Visitors can use the BioBistro establishment for refreshments. It is not permitted to dispose of waste in any other way besides depositing it in designated bins.
  16. It is not permitted to enter the exhibition spaces with weapons or any animals with the exception of guide dogs for the blind on a leash.
  17. People in very dirty clothes or those who may damage the exhibits or present a danger to other visitors through their behaviour may not enter the exhibition spaces or may be ejected from them.
  18. People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances will not be granted entry.
  19. It is forbidden to intentionally damage the exhibits in any way.   
  20. It is forbidden to cause a disruption with inappropriate noise or other extravagant forms of expression.
  21. If, by breaking these rules for visitors or through any other inappropriate activity, a visitor causes damage to the organiser, an official report of the incident will be compiled with this person. In the event that the visitor is unwilling to present proof of identification, the Police of the Czech Republic will be asked for their assistance.
  22. If a visitor breaks the relevant provisions of the rules for visitors, his/her presence in the exhibition spaces will be terminated without any entitlement to a refund on admission.
  23. There is restricted wheelchair access to Malostranská beseda. The curators will provide individual assistance to people with reduced mobility and orientation.
  24. In purchasing tickets to the PLAY Skylights exhibition, visitors take cognisance of and accept the exhibition rules for visitors.
  25. 2. Accompanying events – workshops, seminars, and evening events

  26. Admission to accompanying events, such as workshops or seminars, which take place during the exhibition opening hours, requires the purchase of a ticket to the PLAY Skylights exhibition whilst also simultaneously purchasing a ticket to the accompanying event in question. A pricelist for admission to events is displayed at the cash desk.
  27. Admission to evening accompanying events is permitted upon the purchase of a valid ticket to the event in question. A pricelist for admission to evening accompanying events is displayed at the cash desk. A ticket to an evening accompanying event is not valid as a ticket to gain admission to the PLAY Skylights exhibition.
  28. The other points of the rules for visitors are consistent with Paragraph 1.
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