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The PLAY Skylights exhibition draws on the long-term project ORBIS PICTUS PLAY by Jiří and Radana Wald. The core of the project, which premiered in Paris in 2006, is constituted by interactive exhibitions The Gate to the World of Creative Human Imagination, The Labyrinth of Light, The LeporeloGame, Golem, PLAY and the Sensorium inspired by the work of the humanistic thinker John Amos Comenius The Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart. The exhibitions are artistically conceived by Petr Nikl in cooperation with a number of Czech as well as foreign artists and have been attended by more than 2.5 million visitors from all over the world since 2000.
The exhibitions develop imagination and creativity and they are fully interactive. Individual instrumental sets are focused mainly on the phenomenon of play – on creative cognition of the world as well as oneself through one’s own senses.

The exhibits are in fact instruments, coming to life only after the viewer has participated. Therefore they are a sort of “biomachines” on creativity. The project aims at providing a universal communication channel across nationalities, social classes and religion. Not only that the project thus mirrors the power of the creative desire for knowledge but it also proves that the phenomenon of play can function as a universal means of communication across nationality, religion or age, and therefore materializes and fosters the timeless work of John Amos Comenius.

The PLAY Skylights exhibition has been artistically conceived by Petr Nikl as a long-term versatile inventory of game installations and instruments, which are specially prepared for the selected halls, rooms, and lofts of Malostranská beseda. Like all previous exhibitions from the ORBIS PICTUS PLAY project, the PLAY Skylights exhibition is fully interactive and responds to the given setting with its instrumental objects. Malostranská beseda therefore becomes even more of an eye and ear for Malostranské náměstí.
This concept forms the basis for the creation of a playful space for families with children to spend time together as well as for the education of pupils and students from schools of all levels. It also allows for the involvement of corporate clients (through offering corporate events, employee training, or teambuilding courses directly in the exhibition rooms – please contact the organizers for more information).

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